False Doctrines of the Protestant Churches

The Mother of Harlots

Revelation 17:5 describes Babylon as the “mother of harlots.” If papal Rome is the Babylon of Revelation, and she is referred to as a mother, then she must have children. The harlot daughters of Rome are those churches that follow her false teachings and consequently subject themselves to her rule.

Rome’s Enduring Claim

First, does Rome claim to be the mother of all churches? The answer is clear. Above the entrance to St. John Lateran church in Rome there is an inscription that says, “Sacred Lateran Church. Church mother and head of all the churches of the city and the world.” The Catholic Catechism calls the Church “The Church, Mother and Teacher.” Lastly, in September 2000, the Vatican issued a statement (Dominus Iesus) saying, “It must be always clear that the one, holy, catholic and apostolic universal church is not the sister, but the mother of all churches.”

Ever since the reformation, Rome has striven to rejoin her separated children to herself. She has widely succeeded with a counter reformation, by which many of the doctrines of papal Rome have been widely accepted by the protestant churches. The focus of Rome’s enticements has been to foster ecumenism, a unity in defiance of God’s call to separation in Revelation 14. When Christ prayed for unity within His church, He never meant unity in apostasy, but always unity in truth.

Critical Examples of Rome’s Success Against Protestantism 

  • False Doctrine #1: Preterism and Futurism

To reach her goal of unifying the Protestant churches with her again, she needed to disassociate herself from the label of Antichrist. She did this through the teachings of two Jesuit scholars, Alcasar and Ribera. They developed preterist and futurist systems of prophetic interpretation to take the focus off of Rome as the antichrist. The preterist interpretation shifts all prophecy concerning the antichrist into the past, and futurist interpretations thrusts them into the future, after the Christian dispensation and the Secret Rapture. The futurist view of prophecy, published by Ribera in 1585, has been almost unanimously accepted by Protestant churches.

  • False Doctrine #2: Sunday as the Sabbath

The doctrine of Rome that has eroded Protestantism more than any other is her alteration of the biblical day of worship. The false Sabbath is a doctrine that few reformers ever rejected, and was the cause for the failure of reform in the Catholic Church. Today the majority of Protestant churches worship on Sunday.

  • False Doctrine #3: Eternal Torment

The Church of Rome affirmed the pagan doctrine of eternal torment in 590 AD. This doctrine has done more to repel potential seekers from the gospel of Christ than any other. It is a repugnant belief that is inconsistent with the character of God. To most minds, only the vilest savage would burn someone forever and ever for making the wrong choices in a short lifetime. Yet this doctrine is believed by most Protestants.

The doctrine simply isn’t true. The judgment of eternal, unquenchable fire was pronounced on both Jerusalem and Sodom and Gomorra (Jeremiah 17:27, Jude 1:7), yet they are not burning today. It is the consequence of the fire that is everlasting.

Hell & Mr. Fudge is a great movie to watch on this subject, as well as this short video.

  • False Doctrine #4: Immortality of the Soul

Rome’s doctrine of eternal torment has a side effect. It implies that our souls are immortal, either going to heaven or hell at death. Although the early Christians believed in conditional mortality, most Protestants have come to believe in the immortality of the soul.

  • The first problem with this is that 1 Timothy 6:16 clearly states that God alone has immortality.
  • The Bible teaches that men become dust when they die, with no consciousness (Psalm 115:17, Ecclesiastes 5:9,10).
  • Obviously Lazarus didn’t go anywhere during the three days he was dead (Jesus Himself said he was sleeping),
  • and Peter confirms that David hasn’t even ascended to the heavens yet (Acts 2:29, 34).
  • Paul reaffirms Jesus’ statements on sleep, confirming that the deads’ consciousness will return at the resurrection (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).
  • As for the thief on the cross, Jesus hadn’t even ascended to heaven on Sunday (John 20:17). How could the thief be there with Him before that?

Finally, rejecting this doctrine slams the door shut on spiritualism, since if men become dust when they die (with no consciousness), then poltergeists or ghosts can only be one thing: demons. This is what makes this doctrine so critical relating to present truth, for devils will appear in the end of time, working miracles and declaring unscriptural doctrine as truth.

Protestants Embrace Papal Rome on Many Doctrines

Many other false teachings are taught by papal Rome. These teachings are attempting to corrupt the message of God’s final movement. All those who do not resist will join with the protestant churches in reaching across the gulf to grasp the hand of Rome and accept her dogmas, and one doesn’t have to follow the news very long to see that the Protestant churches are already doing this.

Come Out of Her My People!

It is time to listen to the cry of Revelation 14. Babylon is fallen and we must come out of the her and those churches who yet cling to her as their mother.