God’s Final Movement

lukewarm-title-hdEven though the Christian church is now full of lukewarm people, at the end of time there will only be two groups: hot and cold. Here is the problem with lukewarm. When you are cold, you want to be hot, but when you are warm you aren’t really concerned with any change in your temperature.

How Will The Last Day Events Change This?

Some believe that the last days will be precipitated by rebuke or raising standards, but knowing facts—knowing doctrine—is not enough to save anybody. The truth (John 14:6) is the Truth with a capital T: a person. Just staying out of trouble doesn’t get anyone to heaven. Just raising standards doesn’t get anyone to heaven.

“Righteousness is not being good. You won’t be saved for being good, and you won’t be lost for being bad. The devil doesn’t care whether you are naughty or nice as long as you keep away from a relationship with Jesus.” – Morris Venden

Bill Liversidge said, “What happened to Jesus when He came the first time happens to his people just before He come the second time, Jesus again in human flesh.” When Jesus came to his temple while he was on earth and cleansed it, the people who left were religious people. The people who stayed were people who just wanted to be with Jesus, to sing His praises, receive His healing, and listen to His teaching.

Legislating Standards Can Never Change Hearts

Lukewarm people are high on the standards, but low on knowing Christ. They focus on standards, on cleaning up the outside, while inside they are still full of dead men’s bones. There will come a time when Jesus will wait no longer on His lukewarm church and He will come to cleanse it. Then we will see a true remnant church, one that is hot.

Pryor to lukewarm’s disappearance the remnant church is remnant doctrinally, but not experientially. When God finishes what he is going to do and the polarization is completed, His remnant is going to going to have Him in the heart and in the head. John 4:23 says, “But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth…” In other words the remnant will have both a heart and head conversion. Just knowing the doctrines—the facts, the truth—is not enough to save anybody. It has to be a heart thing too. The soul needs to fall in love with Jesus.

fire-of-god-loveA Universal Shaking

As God starts to finish the work, a shaking takes place in the church, not just in my church, but every church. Longstanding members start leaving and backsliders start coming back. Ellen White says that “the shaking will be brought on by the straight testimony which is brought forth by the counsel of the true witness to the Laodiceans” (Early Writings 70). The counsel of the true witness is simply the need for a personal relationship with Jesus.

A Lukewarm Destroying Fire—Just For Love

What causes the shaking is an increased interest in the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s people have been substituting theological purity in doctrine for a personal experience with Jesus. As they become more focused on Jesus the fire of devotion for Him will boil their lukewarm hearts, and all will come together into one church once more—God’s final movement—God’s remnant church.

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