The Bridge Back Home

crossbridgeOur Creator, the God-man Jesus, has paid a high price to provide a bridge back home across the impassible gulf of selfishness. Every day the blood of Jesus provides us another chance to love. Without that chance, one small sin would send us plummeting into the eternal, selfish void.

So, by the grace of Jesus, we balance precariously along the narrow, rugged beam of Christ’s cross on our way over the abyss to safety.

The Two Provisions for Success

This cross provides us two things: forgiveness and empowerment.

Our equilibrium isn’t good enough to walk that narrow timber that stretches across the gulf, yet every time we fall, the arms of Jesus—stretched upon its crossbeam—miraculously catch us.

Yet we’ll never make it to the other side if we can’t somehow keep our balance. The bridge is worthless to us if all we can do is fall. So, when we ask, Jesus calls to our aid an Assistant who takes our hand and supports us across the plank.

Without the crossbeamed arms of Jesus to catch us or His Spirit to enable us, we would never make it back to across the abyss to love.

What Jesus is Doing Now

Jesus is not wasting His time right now in heaven. He is quite involved in our passage home. His cross over the selfish crevasse is more than a metaphor. It is there because He is there. Every moment He interacts with each of us, like a daddy teaching his child to walk.

A True Friend

It is not some ethereal spirit, who we cannot relate to, that is helping us across this gulf. It is a genuine man—the God-man, Jesus. He is a friend, truer than any friend we know upon this earth. And someday, when our journey across the chasm of selfishness is over, we will embrace the One whose narrow, rugged cross has brought us home.